IBEW Membership — Electricians and Lifelong Learning

October 28, 2020

We’ve focused on apprentices for the last few posts, so let’s switch it up and talk about being a licensed Red Seal 309A Construction & Maintenance Electrician. You’ve successfully written and are now a licensed electrician. Veterans of the trade often used to say, “You have your license, now you start learning all over again.”

There’s a great deal of truth and responsibility associated with that. Earning a license is one thing. Staying up to date with changes in electrical code, trade practices and new products is just the starting point when it comes to lifelong learning.

Included as a part of your monthly IBEW membership, you will have access to a wide variety of trade related and personal interest courses. It’s this lifelong learning which ensures that you continue to be an asset to your employer and helps your employer remain competitive.

In this short video clip IBEW member Howard McFadden provides a short overview of just a few of the benefits of lifelong learning in the IBEW.