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Over the course of the 2021-2024 CLAC Agreement, Lecompte Employes have missed out on…

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in hourly wages, vacation pay, and pension contributions in comparison to IBEW Local 586 members


Since ratifying the last agreement with CLAC beginning February 2021, Lecompte Journeypersons have, missed out on over

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The IBEW is in an active card-signing campaign with employees of Lecompte Electric.  We feel you’ve been short-changed…and the numbers don’t lie.

Since the signing of your last agreement in 2021, Lecompte journeypersons have missed out on over $61,700 in wages, vacation pay, and benefits. That’s money that should be in your pocket, not someone else’s.

But it’s not all about the money (even though $61,700 over three years is substantial enough).  Keep reading to learn more.

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The Gap is Growing
(And not in Your Favor)

Base rate Wage Gap Between
IBEW Local 586 and Lecompte (CLAC)



21.4% Higher



20.5% HIgher



17.7% Higher

Life is Better with the IBEW

Make more: Work Less

The missed wages outlined earlier?  That is based on the IBEW’s 36-hour work week.  You’re not only losing out financially, you’re doing so while working longer hours.  How much longer?  Roughly 200 extra hours per year.  That’s 600 extra hours you could have had for yourself or with your family.

Overtime: Your time is worth more

Overtime is DOUBLE time.  Not time and a half.  Working four 8’s and a 4-hour shift? You’ll get overtime pay for any time after 8 hours or, after 4 hours on Fridays.  Working four 9-hour shifts? Overtime starts after nine hours.  

Pension Contribution

From Day 1 - No Waiting Period

Our superior pension plan will allow you to enjoy your hard-earned retirement. Currently, our 1st term apprentices have a higher pension contribution compared to Lecompte Journeypersons.

Check out 2023 pension rates for IBEW Local 586 members below.



In Lost Wages, Vacation, and Pension Contributions Since 2021

Journeyperson Year Over Year

Finanacial Snapshot




It’s Your Turn to Win

No more missed opportunities. No more lost wages. It’s time you got back what you deserve. With the IBEW you’ll enjoy a higher base rate, higher vacation pay, and more financial security for your future with a better pension package.  All this plus a better work-life balance.

Take the first step in securing your future. Reach out to us today through the contact form below, or contact us directly. All emails, calls, and contact will remain confidential.

Make the right choice. Choose IBEW. ✊⚡


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In the Ontario ICI sector alone, we serve over 18,000 skilled workers and boast a partnership of over 750 contractors throughout the province.


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To ensure your privacy, please do not use your work email

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